North Eastern Pools 2024 Closing Request

Please note, this form is for existing opening & closing customers only.

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Closing Package Choice:
(Closings are done Monday-Friday by area. We will schedule for the day of the week that we are servicing your area.) (PLEASE NOTE- WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO ACCOMMODATE FIRST CHOICE- IF NONE OF YOUR CHOICES ARE AVAILABLE WE WILL REPLY BACK WITH CLOSEST OPTIONS. Closings are scheduled by general area- you select the week and we will schedule for the day that week that we are servicing your area. If you need to know what days we are servicing your area in order to book you will need to CALL OUR OFFICE (585-385-7946 x401) AND NOT USE THIS FORM TO BOOK). Just a reminder we DO NOT schedule a time for openings & closings- you are expected to have everything ready by 7:00am the day of your service.
Policies & Procedures
By checking here I am authorizing North Eastern to bill my cc on file for pool service and accept the terms and conditions as outlined in closing letter, confirmation email & reminder email. I understand it is my responsibility as the customer to read & follow my confirmation email & reminder email IN FULL.
Confirmation Email
By checking here I accept and understand that North Eastern will send a confirmation email once my closing has been scheduled. I understand that it is my responsibility to read and follow the customer responsibilities as well as the policies and procedures that are provided in the confirmation email and the reminder email that will be sent two business days prior to closing.
Chemical Agreement
By checking here I understand that North Eastern does not balance the water, add closing chemicals or clean pool as part of the pool closing service. These are customers responsibilities that should be handled prior to our closing crews arrival.
Email Notifications
I understand that confirmation and reminder emails will come from
Cancellation Notification
Cancellation Policy: NEW CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING POLICY- IF YOU CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE AFTER 12:00PM TWO BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT THERE WILL BE A CHARGE OF $50.00. (Example: If your opening is on a Monday, we would need to hear from you BEFORE 12:00PM Thursday to avoid a fee. If your opening is on a Friday, we would need to hear from you BEFORE 12:00PM Wednesday to avoid a fee.) Over the years we have done what we can to try to help minimize last minute rescheduling. We are finding that a majority of these reschedules are happening because customers are not reading the confirmation emails we send at time of booking and setting the proper reminders for themselves (outside of the one we send two business days prior to your date) so that they are ready. This has had a significant impact on our business. We are a small family owned business- we always have a list of customers hoping for an earlier date- when you cancel your opening/closing last minute we are not able to give that spot to someone else and our technicians also lose out on that time.