Pool Opening


North Eastern Pool & Spa will kick off your summer by opening your inground or above ground pool. Let our professionals do it the right way! Several packages to choose from.

inground pool and above ground pool

Pool Openings

Inground Pkg AInground Pkg BAbove Ground
Starting at $219.95* + taxStarting at $154.95* + taxStarting at $154.95* + tax
Remove & fold coverInstall hardware plugs & fittings Remove & fold cover
Install hardware plugs & fittingsStart pump & filter (water levels permitting)Reinstall equipment
Install diving boardLight pilot on heaterChlorine shock pool (if a chlorine pool)
Install ladders & handrailsChlorine shock pool
Start pump filter (water levels permitting)
Chlorine shock pool
Light pilot on heater

Special Features/Additional Charges

*There may be an extra charge for travel outside our normal service area.  Additional charges for items and special equipment listed below.  Please refer to confirmation email sent after booking for full list of policies/procedures/charges.

NEW CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING POLICY- IF YOU CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE AFTER 12:00PM TWO BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT THERE WILL BE A CHARGE OF $50.00.  (Example: If your opening is on a Monday, we would need to hear from you BEFORE 12:00PM Thursday to avoid a fee. If your opening is on a Friday, we would need to hear from you BEFORE 12:00PM Wednesday to avoid a fee.) Over the years we have done what we can to try to help minimize last minute rescheduling. We are finding that a majority of these reschedules are happening because customers are not reading the confirmation emails we send at time of booking and setting the proper reminders for themselves (outside of the one we send two business days prior to your date) so that they are ready. This has had a significant impact on our business. We are a small family owned business- we always have a list of customers hoping for an earlier date- when you cancel your opening/closing last minute we are not able to give that spot to someone else and our technicians also lose out on that time.

Item Or ServiceCost
Infloor Cleaning System$69.95
Spill Over Spa$69.95
Buddy Seat/Bench$29.95
Advanced Equipment Set UpsTBD
Pools Larger Than 20' x 40'TBD
Cartridge Cleaning$49.95 (in store only)