Sundance Spas 680 Alicia | 3 Person Spa

With three massage options, the Alicia™ model offers total relaxation and value.


This 680™ Series spa immerses you in a classic hydrotherapy experience that will make you feel good long after you leave the water. A mix of open seating and full-body relief make this compact hot tub perfect for indoor spa settings, patios, and small spaces. However, the Alicia™ spa is not short on massage options. A semi-lounge seat delivers total body relief that will surely leave you feeling renewed, and two therapy seats face one another to foster conversation while your shoulders and back find relief.


  •  76″ x 66″ x 32″
  •  220 gal / 832.79 liters
  •  492 lbs / 223.16 kgs
  •  19
  •  North America (60 Hz): 2-Speed, 2.5 HP brake, 1.5 HP continuous, 48 Frame
  •  0


  •  32.0
  •  76.0
  •  66.0


CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology + Filtration

Treats water with the power of nature-inspired UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens, resulting in clean, fresh water. 680™ Filtration System with 50 square foot vertical filter, Dynamic Flow™ and CLEARRAY® system.

Lighting and Waterfalls

Standard lighting brightens up the interior and soothing waterfall adds ambiance.


Simplified LED control panel streamlines spa functions.

Plug and Play Model

Can be plugged into standard 120v outlet without additional electrical requirements.