5 Essential Pool Care Tips for a Sparkling Summer

Essential Pool Care and Pool Maintenance Tips

At North Eastern Pool & Spa, we understand the importance of keeping your pool in pristine condition. Not only does it enhance your swimming experience, but it also ensures the safety and longevity of your pool. That’s why we’ve gathered five crucial pool care tips from our very own retail manager Andrea, designed to help every pool owner maintain their backyard oasis effectively!

Check out the pool care tips below to keep your water sparkling all season long.

1. Regular Water Testing

One of the most fundamental aspects of pool care is regular water testing. It’s essential to wait 2-3 days after shocking your pool before testing the water. This delay allows the chemicals to fully integrate and provides a more accurate reading, saving you money on unnecessary chemical adjustments.

2. Weekly Testing Routine

For the most accurate results, test your pool water first thing in the morning each week. To ensure all levels are balanced, we recommend bringing a water sample to our store for a professional test at least once or twice a month, if not weekly.

Our experts are here to assist you in keeping your pool water perfectly balanced, and you should take advantage of the advanced water testing software we have…after all, it’s free!

3. Maintain Proper Chlorine Levels

Chlorine is crucial for keeping your pool water safe and clean. Here are the optimal chlorine levels for different pool systems:

  • Frog Pool Systems: 0.5-1.5 ppm every morning.
  • Tablet Pools: 1-3 ppm.
  • Liquid Chlorine/Salt Pools: 1-3 ppm.

4. Check Your Skimmer Baskets Daily

Your pool’s skimmer baskets play a vital role in the filtration process. Check them daily for debris, leaves, and other particles to prevent clogs and ensure efficient filtration.

5. Filtration is Key

Continuous filtration is crucial for preventing algae and keeping the water clear. Running your filter system around the clock can drastically reduce the need for additional chemicals and helps maintain a clear and clean pool.


Following these simple yet effective tips will ensure your pool remains a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your pool but also enhances your overall pool experience.

Remember, whether you’re planning a new pool installation or need maintenance tips, North Eastern Pool & Spa is here to assist you every step of the way. Happy swimming!

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