Caring for Your Spa Cover

Proper care and maintenance of your hot tub cover will help your cover protect and insulate your spa for many years. Here are some tips and product suggestions to help you maintain your spa cover.

Tips for Proper Care

  • Frequently check your spa cover over for any wear or damage from use or elements. Cuts or holes in the vinyl can damage the wrapped foam inside the the cover. If your spa cover has a puncture you can open the cover and simply tape the puncture to keep mold and moisture from damaging or weighing down the foam. Outside damage to cover can be patched with any vinyl repair kit.

  • Clean your spa cover at least once a month. Do not use any detergent based soaps bleach or dishwashing detergents as they may fade or break down the vinyl. LEISURE TIME Cover care and Conditioner is a great product we offer that cleans, shines and adds UV protection to your cover. North Eastern also carries Spa cover wipes from LIFE PRODUCTS made to clean and offer UV protection. Applying a UV protectant to your cover should be done 3 to 4 times a year.

  • Whenever shocking your spa make sure you run the jets 15 to 30 minutes with the cover open.

  • During periods of non use the spa cover should be opened ever few days for about 5 minuites to let the spa vent.

  • Shutting spa down for an extended time? Cover your spa and spa cover to protect it from the elements . North Eastern has PROTECTA-SPA COVERS by HINSPERGER INDUSTRIES. The cover that protects and helps insulate a spa and cover from the elements. Protecta-spa Covers come in a variety of sizes.

  • If you are shutting a spa down for the winter it is a very good Idea to put a piece of plywood or other solid material over your cover to protect it from snow load.

  • To keep your cover safe from children and unwanted bathers use the cover locks that come with your new spa cover. North Eastern carries a variety of Replacement cover locks and Keys.
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